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Our services

All our quotes include ...

Free diagnosis

diagnosis takes between 4 to 24 hours.

Return media

Once your data is recovered, it is copied to media large enough to hold the data.

File listing

We send you a file list showing your data so you can determine exactly what has been recovered before committing to the recovery.

Delivery of recovered data

For UK customers the price includes return using next working day courier.

What is data recovery?

Datarecovery is the process of restoring lost, deleted or corrupt data.

The repair and salvaging of data from failed or damaged storage media after a complete and thorough analysis of the failure type on the media.

Diagnosis is the most important part of the data recovery process. Failure to assess the media device correctly can result in failure or delays in recovering the data. Our analysis processes mean we get the analysis right, every time.

Have you been told your data is not recoverable?

If you have been told your data is not recoverable by another data recovery company or technician, we are ready to give it a second opinion, and in the vast majority of cases with no diagnostics charge! So there is nothing else to lose.

Sometimes a misdiagnosis can make it appear that data is not recoverable, where with the correct diagnosis and repairs it is possible to recover. For example, we are able to access the FW on many drives where other companies can not.

We also have advanced methods of reading and extracting from deleted data, or files that even show as 0 bytes.

Data recovery process

Every job we do follows the same primary process. Further sub processes and diagnoses are performed depending on the faults found during the initial diagnosis and further analysis stages.


1. Determine the faults to the storage media or data that caused the problem. If it's a physical problem we make repairs, often in our Class 100 clean-room ensuring that data remains safe throughout the recovery process.


2. Cloning and recovery. The first part of the recovery plan always involves making a clone of the failed device - no matter what the problem is. This gives us a working copy of the data meaning your media is not used for the remainder recovery plan.


3. Testing the data. We have proprietary software that generates a file list of the data that has been recovered. The file list shows you every file with the status of its content, once you have determined your data is recovered, we move on to the final stage...

Return delivery

4. Copy the data ready for despatch. Your data is copied to return media ready for despatch. If your data contains sensitive information or data covered by NDA, DPA or GDPR regulations, this return media can be encrypted.

Service levels to suit all budgets.

Non urgent service

Our non-urgent service is for customers where there is no urgency on the turnaround of the data making it an economical service. Typical timescales are up to 14 days, often quicker.

Priority service

Our priority service is for customers who need their data back urgently, your job takes priority over standard and non-urgent work. You critical data is targeted first to get you back up and running.

Standard service

Our standard service is for customers where a tighter turnaround is required. Typical timescales are 3 to 5 days, depending on the volume of data and complexity of the problem.

Emergency weekend service

The emergency service means your media is worked on around the clock until your critically important data is ready.

Remember, our prices include everything, spare parts where required, return media, all labour costs and return delivery within the UK. You will not get any unpleasant surprises as you do with some other companies.

We always aim to keep within the timescales we quote for. Over 95% of our work is completed on time or sooner. If we hit any snags, we will contact you to let you know and give an updated timescale.

Recent data recovery news

These are articles on data recovery where we have recovered data under exceptional circumstances, made a major advance in data recovery techniques or other data recovery related news and articles.

Things to watch out for when getting data recovery quotes.

Getting quotes for data recovery can be a very confusing experience. You can end up with a list of prices that don't make sense, why do some charge £99 and others £500 or more? Some give you a range of say £200 - £600, these are all not very helpful. We give our customers a comprehensive quote so you know exactly what you will be paying before you send us your media.

The answer is to do what services are covered in the quotes. Ask the following questions over the phone and get confirmation of the answers by email.

Do your quotes for data recovery cover:

  • Labour costs?
  • All Diagnosis charges?
  • Spare parts?
  • Firmware analysis?
  • Clean-room work where necessary?
  • Electronics bench work?
  • Return media?
  • No charge guarantee if critical data is not recovered?
  • Return delivery on recovered work?

Also ask if there are any hidden costs or if the price is likely to change for any reason.

Once you have your list, check reputation. Search for reviews on the company to see what others have experienced. Always check at least a few of the lower reviews to see what happens when things go wrong.

One final point to consider, if a data recovery company asks you how much you have already been quoted, it could mean that they are not familiar with the problem and are not sure how to quote for your job.

Buy with Confidence

MjM Data Recovery Ltd are registered with the trading standards buy with confidence scheme. So you can be assured you are working with a Trading Standards Audited company that gives a fair service.

Registered under the Data Protection Act

We also offer Non disclosure agreements and enter into Contractual Data Recovery Services to help comply with EU GDPR regulations. Contact us for more information.