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UK Wide Data Recovery

We provide data recovery services throughout the UK and Europe for all types of storage media. From hard drives, SSD, RAID and tape, to USB memory sticks, photo cards and old even old floppy disks. For most recoveries we offer a free diagnosis and if its not possible to recover your CRITICAL data then there is no charge for the recovery work.

We have security cleared personnel on site so you know your data is safe and secure. Return media is encrypted to help safeguard your data and assist with GDPR compliance.

Data recovery services


Home users
Small to Medium Enterprise
Large multinationals
Government departments

Both national and local government departments.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

Our services include.

When you receive a quote from us, it includes the following.

Free diagnosis

Initial and thorough diagnosis takes less than 6 hours.

File listing

We send you a file list so you can determine exactly what has been recovered before committing to the recovery.

Return media

Once your data is recovered, it is copied to media large enough to hold the data. All included in the price.

Delivery of recovered data

For UK customers the price includes return using DHL next working day shipment.

What data can be recovered

Whatever has happened, there is a very good chance that your data is recoverable.

When you find yourself in a data loss situation, it can be very worrying that critical data, research work or personal information may have gone forever.  In the vast majority of failures, this is simply not the case. We are able to recover from almost any media from the vast majority of problems, including clicking, fire or water damaged media, broken memory chips, deleted files, etc.

For hard drive recovery we can strip down and completely rebuild, we can re-program the microcode used to make the drive function.

For RAID recovery we can rebuild using the most advanced software and hardware.

For lost data on memory cards we can work at the board level to extract data directly from the memory chips.


Raid Recovery

Electronics faults

Failed SSD

Head crash

Firmware problems

Seized motor

Unreadable tape

Logical problem

We are able to recover data from media that has deleted or missing files, from media that has been formatted, etc. Also, we are able to recover files that are showing as zero byte size such as outlook pst files, Virtual Machine (VMs) and Exchange and SQL databases - this typically happens after chkdsk has run or there was a power outage while the files were open.

Firmware issues

Sometimes a hard drive or SSD will stop working because there are firmware issues in the drive. We are able to access the factory information on the drives and repair and work around firmware problems, sometimes reprogramming the microcode to get the drive into a readable state.

Electronics problem

When a hard drive or SSD has failed, it may be an electronic problem, for example a short circuit or component failure on the circuit board (PCB) . We identify the failed components, repair or replace and get access to the data. For hard drives, this can be a complex issue because of unique information stored in ROM memory on the PCB, so a copy of the ROM is made and stored safely before any remedial work is made to the PCB. In some cases we are able to rebuild the ROM manually.

Electronics failure

When a hard drive suffers a mechanical failure such as a head crash or motor seizure, we need to open the drive, determine exactly what has failed, repair or replace the faulty components and set about recovering your data. All work is carried out in a ESD safe Class 100 clean air environment.

Chip off

If a memory card or SSD has failed and is not recognised by the computer we can recover data directly from the memory chips. We use the latest equipment and up to date software to recover from dead memory cards.

For the small micro SD cards used in cameras and phones, we either have special adapters made or in many cases we can manually wire the devices to enable us to read.


Contact us

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Registered with ICO

We are registered under the data protection act and offer Non disclosure agreements to companies. We can also enter into Contractual Data Recovery Services to help comply with GDPR Compliance. Contact us for more information.

Data recovery process

Every job we do follows the same primary process. Further sub processes and diagnoses are performed depending on the fault.


1. Determine the faults to the storage media or data that caused the problem. If its a physical problem we make repairs, often in our Class 100 cleanroom ensuring that data remains safe throughout the recovery process.


2. Cloning and recovery planning. The first part of the recovery plan always involves making a clone of the failed device - no matter what the problem is. This gives us a working copy of the data meaning your media is not used for the remainder recovery plan.


3. Testing the data. We have proprietary software that generates a file list of the data that has been recovered. The file list shows you every file with the status of it's content, once you have determined your data is recovered, we move on to the final stage...

Return delivery

4. Copy the data ready for despatch. Your data is copied to return media ready for despatch. If your data contains sensitive information or data covered by NDA, DPA or GDPR regulations, this return media can be encrypted.