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Recovery from Broadberry servers

We can recover data from failed Broadberry SAN systems from all operating systems. We can recover Virtual Machines directly from the LUNs and can usually get a full recovery, where it’s not possible we can extract data directly from LUNs or VMs.

Broadberry equipment is used for top-end server-based systems; Virtualisation, Databases, file storage, video recording systems, voice recording systems and many other purposes.

When we need to do recovery work on a system, we only need the hard drives in the affected volume. We do not need any of the server hardware to perform the recovery. We rebuild the system virtually on one of the dedicated Linux boxes we use to recover data from SAN equipment. That means any other systems you have running on the SAN can remain in service.

One of the problems with large server systems is that when the main system fails, it brings all the other resident virtual machines down at the same time. So, speed is absolutely imperative when it comes to recovering data from a Broadberry server. This is where we can help, we can quickly diagnose the issues and rebuild the data either as the raw VM or we can go further and recover individual files from within a VM if necessary.

The most common problems we have seen is with hard disk failure – this is not a unique Broadberry failure and is common with all multiple drive systems.

Please contact us on 0800 072 3282 to get a quote for recovery of your Broadberry Server, or follow the link below.

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