Broadberry Data Recovery Services.

We are able to recover data from failed Broadberry SAN systems. However many drives and operating system you are using. We can recover Virtual Machines directly from the LUNs and are usually able to get a full recovery. Broadberrys are used for Cloud based systems, Video recording systems, voice recording systems and top range server systems.

Broadberry Data Recovery


We do not require the hardware just the drives or if the drives are in a separate enclosure it is best for use to recover the data from the enclosure as it means we can maintain the correct drive sequences.

One of the problems with large cloud based systems is that when the main system fails, it brings all of the resident virtual machines down at the same time. So speed is absolutely imperative when it comes to recovering data form a Broadberry server. This is where we can help, we can quickly diagnose the problems and rebuild the data either as the raw VM or we can go further and recover file from within a single VM if necessary.

The most common problems we have seen is with hard disk failure - this is not a unique Broadberry failure and is common with all multiple drive systems.

Please contact us on 0800 072 3282 to get a quote for recovery of your Broadberry Server.

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