Buffalo nas recovery

Data recovery services for all Buffalo LinkStationtm and TeraStationtm NAS equipment. Buffalo use Linux operating system and XFS file system for data storage. We have developed specialist techniques to recover data from Buffalo NAS equipment.

Below is a list of Buffalo NAS systems from which we are able to recover data. Even if your device is not on the list, we are most likely able to recover the data so please call us and speak directly to one of our Specialist RAID and NAS engineers who will be able to help on 0800 072 3282 (International +44 1223 828800

LinkStation Live
LinkStation Duo
LinkStation 210
LinkStation 220
LinkStation Pro Duo
LinkStation Pro Quad
LinkStation 410
LinkStation 420
LinkStation 421e
LinkStation 441e
TeraStation ES
TeraStation III
TeraStation III Rack-mount

TeraStation 1200
TeraStation 1400
TeraStation 3400
TeraStation 3400r Rack-mount

TeraStation 5000
TeraStation 5400
TeraStation 5400r Rack-mount
TeraStation 5600
TeraStation 5800
TeraStation 7120
TeraStation 7120r Enterprise