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  • Deleted VMDK Recovery

    Recovering data since 1999

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    VMDK recovery

    We can recover data from deleted VMDK files, or where virtual machine containers has simply disappeared.

    We have written software to help us to restore VMDK files from all versions of VMWare. Please call us for more details on 0800 072 3282

  • Seagate Slim Head Combs When Rosewood drives with failed heads first started appearing for data recovery, we found out very quickly that safe removal and replacement of the heads was going to be a very difficult procedure. Because there is no room to use a standard head comb, and no tools were commercially available, we spoke with Specialist Engineer Nikola Radovanovic at HDD Surgery in Serbia. His company has been making state-of-the-art head combs for years, and we asked him if there were any plans on making a comb for these drives. He told us that he was already on…

  • Chip off Recovery When it comes to chip-off data recovery, it is essential to use the most advanced equipment available to ensure that you have the best chance of recovering data by directly reading the memory device and rebuilding data structures stored on - for example - phone cards, phone memory chips, usb sticks or any other removable memory device. The most common devices used are based on NAND technology. We currently use the three market leaders for NAND flash memory chip reading as this enables us to support the maximum number of devices. We also have equipment to read…

  • Trading Standards AnnouncementMjM Data Recovery ltd are proud to have been approved to the Trading Standards 'Buy with Confidence' scheme. After an in depth audit, confirming details with customers and interviews we were accepted to be a company that people can trust.

  • Volume set data recovery Whilst a volume set is nothing exceptional to write about, in this instance the job had been to another data recovery company and they pronounced it as unrecoverable. The customer had thought that the failed drive contained a single data partition. However, soon after analysing the file system meta-data, we discovered that the drive was the second drive from a two drive volume set. We phoned the customer, and they confirmed there was in fact another disk installed in the server, but they thought that only had the boot partition and the data was stored on…

  • HP Appliance Data Recovery We have just completed a massive recovery for a large UK corporation. They had lost a specialist application server containing over 24 million files, but they knew where to come for help. The system was a RAID 5 that had suffered failures on two of the RAID 5 drives, to make this more complex the file system was further configured in provisioned data blocks which we had to virtually merge together to get to the data. After repairing both of the failed drives and cloning all of the drives, we were able to mount the images…

  • Toshiba hybrid hard disk recovery. MjM Data Recovery Ltd are able to recover data from the Toshiba Hybrid laptop hard disk drives.These are mainly platter based hard disks, but with a small SSD built-in to the controller board to help speed up disk read/write operations. When problems occur the symptoms are that the drive will show as normal in the computer BIOS, but the data is inaccessible. Any attempts to read the drive result with ERROR_ABORT in the status registers of the drive. We bought some failed drives from hard disk brokers failed stocks and ran some tests to determine…

  • Seagate SSHD Recovery. Data recovery from the slimline Seagate SSHD/Hybrid drives. When these drives fail because of a problem within the SSD firmware, the drive may show one (or more) of the following symptoms. Drive no longer spins. Drive spins but is not recognised Drive spins and is recognised, but data can not be read. These can be issues within the Firmware of the SSD section of the drive. One of the problems data recovery companies have to deal with is finding access into these areas. Most will wait until a solution becomes commercially available, however MjM Data Recovery along…

  • Seagate drives with locked firmwareSome years ago there was a problem with the Seagate 7200.11 range of drives. The problem was so big that thousands of users ended up with bad drives. Someone developed and made freely available a Firmware (FW) fix that could repair most of the problems with the drive but it needed some hardware (a cheap TTL Adapter) in order to access the FW and they provided the factory codes in order to send the commands to the drive to fix the problem. This worked fine on drives that had the problems for the codes, but on…

  • Seagate Data RecoveryBack in 2008 Seagate developed the new technology name F3 this started with the Seagate 7200.11 hard disks. Not long after they came out a firmware issue was discovered that rendered the drive 'bricked' the Seagate forums became inundated with complaints about the drives. We are able to recover from all Seagate F3 series of drives including 7200.11, 7200.12 desktop and enterprise (ES) versions.We are able to access and repair the firmware on Seagate Lombard family and can patch the ROM on most newer Grenada models that do not allow firmware access in the normal way.This new work…

  • The Functions of ATA Registers in a Hard Disk Drive A hard disk contains a set of registers or ports that are used to communicate to and from the computer. For the end user these ports are normally not significant but when it comes to hard disk firmware programming and direct drive access, knowledge of these ports and how to use them programmatically is very important. Firstly there are two main modes of port access. Data functions and Non-data functions. The two types are obvious, but for clarity, data functions involve writing and reading data to and from the hard…

  • Intel SSD with BAD_CTX and showing as 8MB   This problem has been around for a few years now and when it first appeared it caused quite an uproar in the Intel SSD forums. Intel found a solution to the problem, updated the firmware and provided a download for users. There was only one problem, the firmware upgrade results with a complete overwrite of the drive wiping all traces of data.   The problem is that there are several copies of the translator (FTL) so we need to use the best version in order to recover as much data as…

  • Fake Memory Cards. They come in many forms and it is very difficult to tell a real one from a fake, for almost any memory card you can buy there are fakes. We have seen fakes of all sizes and none of them have anything like the capacity that they are advertised as. Some sellers that sell them put disclaimers in their descriptions that the memory sticks may not be of the expected capacity and will be in a range of x - y GB and it is the buyers responsibility to make sure the capacity is correct. There is…

  • ReFS Data Recovery With Microsoft Server 2012, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 the MS Resilient File System or ReFS arrived. The Resilient File System (ReFS) is a new type of self repairing file system. It is designed to improve data availability, even when errors that would previously have caused data loss. Even this type of system can fail due to hardware errors, or through other problems such as user error or virus attack. We are able to recover data from MS ReFS systems including single drives and multiple drive volume sets and raid systems. Please contact us on 0800 072…

  • SSD Data Recovery MjM Data Recovery Ltd make a breakthrough in SSD recovery techniques.  Our research and development engineers have found ways to resolve the 'Busy' problem that affect many makes of drive. The symptoms are that the drive is not recognised by the computer and for those in the Data Recovery trade, the drive status registers show a BSY state.   Our engineers have found a way to repair these drive regaining access to the data. We can recover data from any make of SSD that is suffering from this problem. What an end user will see when this…

  • Toshiba Data RecoveryData recovery from all Toshiba hard disks. From noisy-clicking drives to those that are not spinning at all. From drives where the data has gone missing or is visible but not accessible. MjM Data Recovery have new technology that helps to read Toshiba drives that suffer with the following problems. Drive slow to initialise or just hangs the computer Thousands/Millions of bad sectors reported. Some data recovery companies have tried changing heads, controller and even swapping motors in attempts to resolve the problem but it has been traced to a problem in the defect maps of the drive.…

  • Bad sector remapping When a hard disk is manufactured, there are areas on the platter that will have bad sectors. Considering that on a 3 TB hard disk there are 6 billion sectors, then a few thousand bad sectors is only a small proportion of the total number of sectors on the drive. When the number exceeds or comes close to the 'threshold' value, the drive may start acting strangely, often as very slow to respond, or not responding at all, hanging the computer. If this is the case with your hard drive, you may need to look at hard…

  • Slow Responding WD DrivesThis problem first appeared mid 2011 and we started seeing a number of drives that were slow to initialise and again when attempts were made to read data the drive would either be incredibly slow or would hang the computer, on computers where affected drives were the main drive, the computer would not even start. Many people and other DR companies were misinterpreting this problem as weak heads or failed media. We started our research by buying a number of faulty hard disks and closely examining the modules in the factory or firmware zone of the hard…

  • Maxtor Data Recovery

    Maxtor Data Recovery Specialists

    Maxtor Series of Hard Drives

    In the 1990's and early 2000's Maxtor Hard Disks were known to be reliable and had a lot of support. However, an issue raised its head when a large number of hard drive models started to fail with firmware issues.

    This ended sadly for Maxtor as they got bought out by Seagate who continued with the brand, and still use this on some modern USB 3 external hard drives.

    The firmware problem that we first saw in around 2003 manifested itself as the drive appearing in the bios under its Factory Name. For example the

    • Ares64k
    • Athena DSP
    • Athena Poker
    • Calypso
    • Falcon
    • Grizzly
    • N40P
    • N40P SATA
    • Nike
    • Proxima
    • Rigel
    • Romulus DSP
    • Romulus Poker
    • Sabre
    • Sabre2
    • Shasta
    • Vulcan

    Firmware problems with these hard disk drives are usually related to the translator, defect maps and SMART log problems. Contact us if you need more information or have one of these drives that needs the data recovering.

    Because of the normally reliable and well built Maxtor hard drives, many are still in use today, mainly in CNC and EPOS systems and other embedded systems. However, they will fail and as they age, things wear out.

    Data Recovery Options

    We are able to recover from these and all other Maxtor hard drives, old and new and can recover from drives with Firmware issues, Bad Sectors/Media, head and motor faults and logical problems such as deleted files, formatted volumes or virus damaged files. You can contact us or get a quote by selecting the option below.