How much does data recovery cost

The cost of data recovery depends upon the fault with the drive.

The true cost is the value of the lost data.

Basic data recovery costs

The cost of data recovery depends upon two main factors.

  1. The fault with the drive and
  2. The size of the drive

As an example, a typical laptop or desktop hard disk drive of up to 1 TB will cost

£395 to £495 + VAT depending upon the fault.

If the drive is clicking, or making other strange noises, then the cost is at the higher end of the price scale.

If it is spinning normally and hangs when trying to read, then the cost is at the lower end. The same applies if the drive is totally dead, in these cases we assess why the drive is not spinning, then update you with the final cost.

Costs breakdown

This is a breakdown of the charges for a data recovery of a 1 TB hard disk drive with a basic fault.

Cost of recovery: £340
USB hard drive with recovered data:
Return shipping: £10

When a drive has suffered a mechanical fault, the following costs are added to the above prices.

Spare parts: £60
Cleanroom work: £40

The prices above are for a 1 TB hard disk drive. For larger sizes, the prices increase, but only for return media and spare parts.

For drives over 4 TB in size, the base cost rises as the time involved for making a clone of the repaired drive, and the Cleanroom time increases for drives with mechanical failures as do the cost of spare parts.

Costs of maintaining a data recovery company

Data recovery technology is always expanding to keep up with current storage requirements. Since 1999 we have seen great advances in this technology, so research and development is an ongoing process for us. We are members of a collaboration of highly skilled data recovery engineers throughout the world that share research ideas and tools to make sure we are at the forefront of data recovery.

The equipment used is expensive. Oscilloscopes that operate in the GHz bandwidth range to identify media and head problems along with servo signals that the drive uses internally. Bus analysers to monitor communication between a host computer and a hard drive to analyse what has gone wrong.

Advanced Firmware tools to test for issues within the hard drive's own operating system. These tools alone cost around £12,000 each, so if you are working with someone's data, you need to know you are doing the job correctly, and the customer needs to have confidence that we do it correctly.

Data recovery equipment used at MJM

For more information about our equipment Data Recovery Fault Analysis