Lost Bitcoin Recovery

Recovery of lost bitcoin, litecoin and other blockchain currency from wallets stored on failed hard drives, usb sticks, cd, etc.

My broken hard drive contains my Bitcoins!

It may be your laptop or desktop, it may be on an old broken hard drive that you used years ago and now the bitcoins are worth a fortune.

if you did buy bitcoins years ago and you know the wallet is on that old computer in garage or the loft with a broken hard drive. Now is the best time to get it recovered. You have nothing to lose, if we cant recover then we do not charge.If we do, then you can even pay us in Bitcoin!

If the cost of recovery is just a fraction of the value of the wallet, then what are you waiting for, get a quote from us today and we will do our absolute best to recover the wallet for you at no risk - guaranteed.

Recovery of lost Bitcoins

In these days of high volatility in the crypto-currency markets, daily bitcoin transactions could result in a major gain or loss of the value of your wallet.

Having access to your wallet is essential, you could watch your investment rise and fall, profits appear and disappear and not be able to do a thing about it because you can not access your Bitcoin wallet.

It is estimated that around 20% of all bitcoins are lost. Are any of them on that old broken computer in your loft or garage? or on that broken usb stick? or in that failed external hard drive in the back of the drawer? You might be sitting an a fortune and we can help you get to it.

What is bitcoin recovery

The Bitcoin recovery process involves the temporary repair of the device for long enough to retrieve the wallet and return this encrypted. The device may be any of;

  • Internal hard drive (Desktop or Laptop computer)
  • External hard drive
  • NAS storage device
  • USB stick or other memory device
  • Legacy drive such as floppy or zip
  • Tape backup
  • CD or DVD

We determine the failure type and make the necessary repairs to the device, next, we make a clone of the area containing the wallet and recover the wallet from the clone.

What about security

We will never ask you for the password to your wallet, without the password the wallet is useless. It uses encryption that has been tested to the limit several times over with hacking attempts but it remains secure.

If anyone or any company asks you for the password to your wallet, do not give it to them under any circumstances. At best, ask them why they need it.