Tape Recovery

Tape Data Restoration Services.

All tape formats including AIT, SAIT, DDS, DLT, SDLT, LTO, Ultrium, Travan, etc.

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Tape Recovery

Data recovery from tape is done in-house using one of two main methods, we can recover using our extensive library of tape backup software, or we can take a direct dump from the tape and use our proprietary software to extract the data directly from the dump.

The latter is most often used in tapes that the backup software rejects, or asks to insert tape into drive, yet there it is, inserted.

It may also be that you have been given a bundle of legacy tapes, and your legal department needs some vital information that is on one of those tapes but the old hardware is nowhere to be seen.

Tape Restoration Service

As a part of our recovery service, we also offer a tape restoration service where we copy the data from an existing tape to hard drive enabling access to data where the hardware or software is no longer available any more.

We maintain stocks of tape drives from old legacy systems such as Travan through to the latest LTO tape drives.

We can recover from most backup software including NT Backup, Backup Exec - all versions, Arcserve, Yosemite, Seagate Backup, UNIX Tar, Linux backups, etc.

If you have any doubts call us on 01233 828800 or contact us here.

Overwritten tapes

In some cases it is possible to recover some data from tapes that have been partially overwritten. Normally a tape will stop reading when it hits the End of Tape mark (EoT) and the drive will stop. We can very often read tape beyond the EoT mark using modified tape drives. Obviously we can not recover the overwritten data, but the data beyond that is usually 100% recoverable.

This technique does not work on tape drives that use Serpentine recording, such as LTO. Again, call is on the number above if you have any doubts or questions.