Tape recovery

We can recover data from all tape formats and most backup software. Please call us on the number below so we can determine your exact tape data recovery requirements. Or click on the button to get a quote.

Tape data recovery

Phone 0800 072 3282

We can recover data recorded to all makes and types of Tape, including the list below. The list is not exhaustive so contact us if your device is not listed.

Overwritten tapes

In some cases it is possible to recover from tapes that have been partially overwritten. Sometimes a tape is partially overwritten by the backup system it is taking ownership of an old tape, this can stop access to the tape. When this happens, or a new backup is started over an existing backup, the moment the tape is stopped it writes a marker to the tape that tells the tape drive there is 'no more data on the tape' this is known as an EOT (END OF TAPE) or EOD (END OF DATA) marker. The drive's firmware identifies this marker and will not allow reads beyond this marker.

We have modified our tape drives so that we can actually read beyond the EOT/D marker and the recover data beyond the overwritten data. Please contact us to see if we can perform this function for your specific model of tape. 0800 072 3282