DVD and CD Data Recovery


CD and DVD are becoming obsolete as a backup media. However there are still some systems that use DVD for recording of data and there are many Video Recorders that record directly to DVD media.

We have developed our own software to read CD and DVD using modified SCSI CD and DVD readers that enable us to recover data where others fail. We have modified the hardware and firmware of DVD readers that enables us to read non-finalised DVDs created in Video Cameras.  The symptoms of unfinalised DVD is that when it is placed into a computer it shows up as zero bytes and when it is placed back in the camera it shows it as empty. The problem is that you know it is full, but nothing will read it.

Upon our testing of modified DVD equipment we were able to fully recover all data recorded on to the DVD but most are without file-names. The file-names and folders are written as part of the finalisation process and as this had not occurred, they do not exist. We do however give the recovered data usable file names so that the recovered data can be played on a standard computer and then converted to whatever format you want. Either we can do that at a small extra charge or you can use your own video editing software.

More details about Video DVD Recovery

 We are also able to perform advanced data recovery on all types of CD, DVD and most optical media. Please phone 0800 072 3282