External hard disk recovery

Data recovery from all types of external hard disk. From desktop external hard drives such as Western Digital MyBook drives and Seagate Expansion drives. Data recovered from portable 2.5 inch external drives such as Western Digital Passport and Seagate Freeagent drives.
External hard drive recovery

External hard disks are becoming a favourite place of extra data storage space. Often used for archiving purposes for, photos music, business data. However these hard disks are just as likely to fail as any other hard disk and are more prone to shock by movement, dropping the hard disk or giving it an accidental knock, they also fail due to normal wear and tear and suffer the same as their standard counterparts.

We are able to recover data from external hard disks made by any manufacturer and formatted with any file system, including

  • Windows
  • MAC
  • Linux
  • UNIX

Please contact us on 0800 072 3282 to talk to a data recovery technician about the problem. We offer a no recover no fee service so there is nothing more to lose.

If you have accidentally knocked or dropped you hard disk you may find that you are partially insured for the cost of data recovery, check with your contents insurance to see if this is the case.