Flood Flood


Data recovery from flood and storm damaged computer systems.

We have recovered data from computers that have been.

  • Flood and storm damaged
  • Dropped into water
  • Had fluid spilled over laptops
  • Drives recovered from sunken ships
  • Memory cards and external hard disks accidentally put into washing machines.

After the Cardiff floods, we recovered a 5 drive RAID array that had been under 5 feet of water for 3 days with 100 percent of the data recovered. So being flooded does not mean that your data is lost.

When dealing with a fresh water flood it is important to keep the disk in its current state. Do not attempt to dry the drive out, place it into a sealed plastic bag but do not add any water to it. For Sea Water contamination it is a different matter, sea water is extremely corrosive because of the salts and minerals in it. These can cause electrolytic corrosion inside the drive - because there are many different metals inside a hard disk they form electrolytic cells - similar to a battery where current flows from one metal into the other. This can corrode away the magnetic surface or coat it with other metals. So if you are flooded with sea water, please contact us before sending the drive.

Please contact us to talk about your flood damaged media on 0800 072 3282 remember to check your insurance policy as you may be covered for your loss.