Forensic Data Recovery


Forensic Data Recovery

In some cases a potential suspect may have accidentally or deliberately damaged computer storage media;

  • A hard disk may have been damaged or dropped and no longer works.
  • A memory stick may have been broken.
  • Damaged photo cards may contain vital evidence of an accident or incident.
  • Photo or memory cards may contain vital deleted files.
  • A computer or any of the above may have been involved in an explosion, fire or flood.

The equipment may contain important evidence to help prove or disprove a case. Without that vital information a case could go the wrong way because of the missing information. This can be expensive for both the prosecution and/or the defence.

We can help, we follow the ACPO guidelines and produce a report detailing what was done to the media in order to retrieve its contents, problems that were found or encountered during the processing of the media and where necessary provide expert witness testimony.

In some cases it is not possible to create a 100 percent clone of damaged media but we can offer advice on how best to approach an individual case.

Please note that we do not perform standard forensic analysis of working equipment - we leave that to experts in that field. What we do is to take broken computer storage equipment and repair it and make a clone to a pre-prepared media either provided by the customer or we can provide at cost.

In cases where recovery is not possible a charge is made to cover a technical report time and spare parts costs. You will be advised of this cost at the time of quotation and is payable before work commences.