Hard Drive Recovery

Massive storage space has become available to all users of hard drives. At the time of writing a single hard drive can contain up to 6 Terabytes of data. Only 10 years ago this amount of storage space would have only been available to the budgets of large corporations utilising raid storage systems, now the average drive of 2 Tb are available for less than a hundred pounds and within the reach of small business budgets and home users alike. However, with larger hard disk sizes it also means that more data is lost when it fails.

We have our own clean room facilities so we are able to work on all hard disk drives, we can completely disassemble them and reassemble them when necessary to regain access to the data.

Not only are we able to recover computer data from workstation's and laptop computer's hard drives, we are also able to recover data from CNC machines, EPOS and other embedded systems that use hard drives, SSD, memory card or other data storage technologies.

Our research into new data recovery techniques keeps us on top of specialist technical recovery services and as the UK member of the Global Data Recovery Alliance (only one member per country is allowed) you are assured your data is in safe and experienced hands.

We only charge if it is possible to get the data you need and will not charge for diagnosis even for a second opinion.




"Extremely professional and friendly service. The agreement that we have in place, where we are only charged if data is restored from hard drives, highlights to me the customer centric mindset of this organisation."
Debbie Jacobs, AstraZeneca UK

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