Hard drive recovery

Data recovery from hard drives and solid state devices. From laptops, desktops, servers, external hard drives and complex raid systems. All with a Free diagnosis and a no recovery no fee policy.

hard drive recovery

Hard disk drives have become the most widely used place for storing data, no more filing cabinets bulging with files, no more stacks of photo albums with dog-eared photos and notes written on the back. These days, almost everything is stored on computer. So what happens when it all goes wrong?

We recover data from non-working hard disks, whatever has happened there is a surprisingly good chance of recovery.



Second opinion

Has a data recovery company failed to recover data and told you it is unrecoverable? We offer a free diagnosis for second opinions. We frequently recover data where other data recovery companies can not recover.

Laptop recovery

Laptop data recovery

Laptop recovery for all makes of computer, for Windows PC, Apple Mac and Linux. We can recover from dropped laptop computers, liquid damage and recover from clicking laptop computers.

Computer recovery

Computer Data Recovery

Data recovered from all failed hard drives. Clicking hard drive?, or ticking noises?, hard drive not spinning? blue screen on the computer, unhappy MAC or you can not see your data any more. Call us now on 0800 072 3282

External drives

External Hard Drive Recovery

Data recovery from all makes of external hard disks, including Western Digital, Seagate, Lacie, Freecom, G-Raid. Even when your drive is no longer recognised by or is hanging your computer, we can help.

Contact MjM Data Recovery Ltd on 0800 072 3282

We have our own cleanroom and a whole range of advanced data recovery equipment, including Lecroy Disk Drive Analysers, GHz range oscilloscopes, Lecroy Bus Analsers, Infra red soldering stations. We develop our own software solutions when commercial software is not up to the task and are proud to be the sole UK Member of the Global Data Recovery Alliance.