Freecom data recovery

We can recover data from failed Freecom hard disks that are clicking or just simply not responding. Some of the multi-drive systems use a non standard RAID system, we can recover data from them using our proprietary RAID recovery software that was developed specifically for these drives.

Data recovery from Freecom and other makes of drive where the data has gone missing, or the drive is totally unresponsive, is clicking or data is visible but not accessible.

Freecom manufacture many types of external hard disk from single drive portable hard disks to multi drive systems, from USB or Fire-wire to Network Attached Storage (NAS). We are able to recover data from these hard disks whatever the operating system you are using it on for example Windows, MAC or Linux. We are also able to recover from all other makes of hard disk, external, internal from desktops, portables and laptops.

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"The response from MjM was outstanding a top quality firm."
Gareth Pritchard, HP