Hard drive recovery

Hard disk data recovery services for all makes, types and sizes of hard disk drive. Since 1999 we have been recovering data and have developed into one of the most advanced specialist  data recovery companies in the world.

Massive storage space has become available to all users of hard drives. At the time of writing a single hard drive can contain up to 6 Terabytes of data. Only 10 years ago this amount of storage space would have only been available to the budgets of large corporations utilising raid storage systems, now the average drive of 2 Tb are available for less than a hundred pounds and within the reach of small business budgets and home users alike.
We have our own clean room facilities so we are able to work on all hard disk drives, we can completely disassemble them and reassemble them when necessary to regain access to the data.

We are able to recover drives that are suffering from the following symptoms.

For example, deleted files, formatted hard disks, virus damaged computers, inaccessible data
Typical symptoms are usually that the hard disk is not spinning, smoke coming from board, computer will not even power on with hard disk attached. We are able to make temporary repairs and recover from almost all of electronics problems with hard disk PCB
Symptoms of hard disks with firmware problems usually appear to spin up as normal but are either not accessible, are very slow or show as wrong size, model number or serial number. We have the experience, hardware and know how to fix firmware problems in all types of hard disk drives and most SSD drives.
Bad sectors are when individual sectors or blocks of sectors can no longer change their magnetic state meaning that the data that was stored there is no longer readable. The symptoms are that the computer is hanging, very slow to do anything, system crashes and unreadable data. To exacerbate the problem the computer will continuously try to read the sector. Our hard drive cloning systems are able to work around the bad sectors imaging as much as is possible first. Then attempting to over read the bad sectors resulting with as much data as is possible from the drive.
Symptoms of head failures are that the drive is making clicking, ticking or sweeping noises. We recover these problems by replacing the broken parts with new ones allowing temporary access to the data allowing us to clone the critical data area of the drive to recover the data.
Symptoms for motor failure are quiet creaking noises emanating from the drive. Depending of the drive manufacturer, we repair these by either transplanting the platter stack into a working shell, replacing the motor with a working one or where platter alignment is hyper-critical by replacing the motor bearing using specialist equipment.

Not only are we able to recover computer data from workstation's and laptop computer's hard drives, we are also able to recover data from CNC machines, EPOS and other embedded systems that use hard drives, SSD, memory card or other data storage technologies.

Our research into new data recovery techniques keeps us on top of specialist technical recovery services and as the UK member of the Global Data Recovery Alliance (only one member per country is allowed) you are assured your data is in safe and experienced hands.

We only charge if it is possible to get the data you need and will not charge for diagnosis.