Laptop data recovery

MjM Data Recovery Ltd

All makes and types of laptops, with Standard Hard Drives or SSD. All Windows and MAC Laptops Including MAC Touchbar with embedded SSD.

We can recover data from all problems, from recovering lost data due to deletion, formatting or simple missing data, to serious mechanical failures such as head, motor and firmware corruption failures. For SSDs we are able to recover from non responsive systems and electronically failed SSD drives.

Windows Laptop Recovery


Laptop data recovery for all makes of laptop and all versions of Windows

Mac Data Recovery

Apple Mac

Mac Data recovery from all Macbook laptops from hard drives and SSD running any version of MacOS.

Linux Data Recovery


Linux Data recovery from Red Hat, Ubuntu Suse and all variations. File systems. EXT, XFS, UFS, JFS, etc.

Laptop Hard drives

Data recovered from all makes of laptop hard disk drive, including. Hitachi, Toshiba, Seagate, Western Digital and OEM Brands such as Dell, Lenova, HP, etc. With advanced cleanroom equipment and specialist techniqes we can recover from the most difficult problems.

Laptop SSD Recovery

SSD drives are replacing standard hard disks, whilst these devices are very fast and not susceptible to everyday bangs and knocks, they suffer from electronic and firmware problems. We have developed methods to recover data from SSDs with a range of failure modes.

Macbook Hard Drive Recovery
laptop recovery

Macbook data recovery

We can recover data from all MacBook computers, running any version of OSX. From failed Macbook hard drives and from non-responding Macbook SSD drives. We also offer a data copying service for damaged Macbooks.

laptop recovery

Windows Laptop Recovery

Laptop data recovery for damaged Windows Laptop computers. We can recover data from a failed hard drives and SSD from all makes of Laptop computer running any version of Windows.

Hard Drive Recovery - Windows

Linux Hard Drive Recovery
laptop recovery

Linux laptop recovery

Linux data recovery from all distributions of Linux and Unix. Red hat, Centos, Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, SUSE and too many to list here. All file systems including EXT, XFS, JFS, BtrFS,

Laptop Data Recovery

We offer data recovery services for Laptop hard drives and solid state devices (SSD). We have our own clean air systems that are monitored live for particle contamination.

We use the most advanced hardware and software to recover from hard drive with.

  • Deleted data
  • Virus damage
  • Firmware issues
  • Bad sectors

Using state of the are tools we can perform invasive work on hard drives inlucing.

  • Head replacement
  • Motor replacement
  • Platter swapping into new chassis

We also use some of the most advanced hard drive failure analysis equipment including.

  • Disk Drive Analyzer (DDA)
  • Oscillocopes
  • Multimeters
  • PC3000 Firmware Analysis tools
  • Our own Firmware analysis tools

Commercial software is all well and good if there are logical problems with drives, however this type of software will not get good results on drives with failing mechanical components, or have intermittent electronic problems. We write our own software that allows us to twek the parameters to get the best result possible. If you have any doubts about our serviced, please look at some of the reviews below, or contact us on 0800 072 3282