Laptop recovery

Recovery from all laptop computers, hard drives and SSD drives. Data recovery of missing or deleted data and virus damage. Clicking noises coming from the hard disk, creaking noises are indications of a head crash and completely dead drives is usually indicative of electronics or firmware failure, in the vast majority of cases, we are able to fully recover the data whatever the problem is.

Recovery of data after blue screen, or from drives that hang due to bad sectors. We also recovery data from fire and liquid damaged laptops - e.g. spilt coffee, laptops dropped in the sea, we have seen it all, well almost all ..

Laptop Computer

Laptop disks - the most common are 2.5 inches and 1.8 inches. Most modern Solid State drives have a multitude of different connectors however there are four basic types of connector and then proprietary based connectors.

  • ATA (44 Pin)
  • SATA
  • Zif and Lif (Zero insertion force and Low insertion force).
  • PCI e/x Drives that plug directly into the computer motherboard slots.
  • Proprietary based connectors are usually based on SATA.

For Sata there are variations, standard Sata and Micro Sata - micro Sata being a smaller version of Standard Sata used in 1.8 inch drives and some SSD drives and of course the proprietary connectors where we solder standard SATA connectors to gain access using a recovery machine.

Things to look out for though are that some Micro Sata drives use 3.3 volt instead of the normal 5 volt. If the wrong type of adapter is used then it can result with serious damage to the hard disk electronics - this is even more catastrophic with SSD drives as they are solely electronic devices.

There are also a couple of variations to Zif/Lif connectors as there are two sizes of these and of course there was another older connector called CF II based on the compact flash specification. These drives were mainly used in early Apple iPods but were found in a few laptop computers too.

Like Desktop hard disks, these hard disks can suffer from the same problems.

  • Heads
  • Motor
  • Electronics
  • Firmware
  • Logical

All have a very high rate of recovery. All work carried out inside a hard disk is done in a class 100 clean air environment. Contact us now on 0800 072 3282 for a quote for recovery of your laptop data.