Memory card data recovery

Data recovery from all types of memory card. From usb memory sticks, photo cards including Sony XQD, CFast professional memory cards, from USB sticks, key drives, photo cards, SD cards, compact flash cards and all other types of memory card.

Memory cards come in all shapes and sizes. We are able to recover data even when they are no longer recognised by the computer, camera or other equipment they were used in. We have even recovered data from a memory stick that had been through a complete cycle in a washing machine.

We are able to recover from

  • USB sticks/drives
  • Digital camera memory cards
  • Mobile phones
  • Other portable equipment that use removable memory cards

We can recover from the following Memory cards.

  • CFast Memory Cards
  • SD Cards
  • Compact Flash
  • Sony Memory Stick MS/MS Pro
  • Smart Media
  • MMC
  • xD Cards
  • Flash Media

When a memory device is not readable by normal means in most cases we are able to remove the physical memory chips and recover the data directly from there.