Data recovery

Hard drives, RAID servers, NAS and all other computer storage devices.

Free diagnosis and a no recovery no fee policy.

Hard drives
Laptop, desktop and external hard disks and SSD drives.
Server systems
RAID systems, including all RAID levels. HP Dell IBM Fujitsu etc.
Other devices
Memory cards, Mobile phones, Tape, Tablet computers, DVD, etc.

Micro SD cards are found mainly in Smart Phones and used for storage of photgraphs and video recorded on it.

There are two problems we find with these devices, Logical and Physical. A logical problem means that the Micro SD Card is still working, but the data on it is not accessible. They are recognised by the camera and the computer as normal but the data is not available.

Physical problems are much more serious. All of the components are integrated into a single device, there are no visible components such as NAND flash memory all that is visible are a few gold plated connectors and the black plastic casing.

Recovery on these has been very difficult and time consuming as first a working unit of the exact same type had to be found and then analysed with expensive test equipment to find out the location of the connection points for the integrated memory. These were then hard wired to an adapter to enable them to be read. The whole process involved and engineer working for several days preparing each memory card and the cost of recovery was very expensive, typically 1000 - 2000 GBP and in many cases way beyond the value of a photos.

Since then we have had special adapters made to enable us to read many of these devices quickly, bring the cost down substantially.