Global data recovery alliance. Founder member

The Global Data Recovery Alliance (GDRA) was started up by four initial companies that had the skills that would enable them to build on shared knowledge between the organisations. The original four companies were ..

  • MjM Data Recovery Ltd in the UK
  • Critical Data Solutions in Ireland
  • Data Recovery Center in Portugal
  • Datarecuperatie bvba in Belgium

Through a co-operation not seen in many other trades, knowledge is shared. Because each company is in a different country it is unlikely that there would be any territorial disputes. The rules are; that only one member per country is allowed and that they have to meet strict criteria in order to qualify. Once a member is selected they remain the GDRA representative for that country until they leave. Each member will not actively market their services within member countries.

Since its inception, it now has members in 19 countries, each member being an expert in the field of data recovery, the membership spreads across the entire world including members in Europe, Canada and the USA, Ukraine, Russia, Dubai and Indonesia. On every continent (except Antarctica!). For our customers this means that when a member country comes across a new problem then the entire team can apply their skills on the problem and any information found is shared among members.

Many of us write our own software which is shared to members meaning that all companies have access to state of the art software designed for specific problems and are not available to anyone else - meaning that a GDRA company will always be ahead.

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