Seagate NAS Recovery

 Seagate NAS Recovery

We provide data recovery for all Seagate NAS devices from all models and versions. Seagate mainly use the Linux file systems and are used for a range of purposes. We are able to recover data from all Seagate NAS systems including those listed below and have been recovering data from Seagate NAS since their first models were introduced. If you need services for recovering data from Seagate NAS systems or any other type of Seagate data recovery then please contact us on 0800 072 3282 (international +44 1223 828800)


Data recovered from;

Seagate NAS 2 Bay
Seagate NAS 4 Bay

Seagate NAS Pro 2 Bay
Seagate NAS Pro 4 Bay
Seagate NAS Pro 6 Bay

Seagate Business 8 Bay Rackmount NAS

Business Storage Windows® Server 4-Bay NAS
Business Storage 4-Bay NAS
Business Storage 2-Bay NAS
Business Storage 1-Bay NAS

Seagate BlackArmor NAS 110
Seagate BlackArmor NAS 220
Seagate BlackArmor NAS 440

Seagate NAS Model Numbers:

STAA500100, STAA1000100, STAM2000100 STAW3000100, STBV4000100, ST320005LSA10G-RK, ST340005LSA10G-RK, STAV6000100, STAV6000200, STAR400, ST340005SHD10G-RK,ST380005SHD10G-RK, STAU12000200, STCT200, STCT2000200, STCT4000200, STCT8000200, STCT10000200, STCU200, STCU4000200, STCU8000200, STCU16000200, STCU20000200, STDD200, STDD2000200, STDD4000200, STDD8000200, STDD10000200, STDE200, STDE4000200, STDE8000200, STDE16000200, STDE20000200, STDF200, STDF6000200, STDF12000200, STDF24000200, STDF30000200, STDP8000200, STDM4000200, STDM8000200, STDM12000200, STDM16000200, STBP200, STBP8000200, STBP16000200, STBN200, STBN4000200, STBN6000200, STBN8000200, STBM2000200, STBM3000200, STBM4000200




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Euan Ogilvie, Vodafone Group Services