Synology Diskstation NAS Data Recovery.

Synology Data Recovery

MjM Data Recovery are able to recover data from all Synology Diskstations and have performed data recovery on Synology NAS Disk Stations including those in the list below. The list is not comprehensive so if your NAS is not on this list, there is an excellent chance that we are able to recover data as the underlying file storage system is the same across most models. Synology use Linux EXT based file systems and the LVM RAID system of which we have comprehensive knowledge.

x15 Series

DS115j, DS215j, DS415play, DS415+, DS1515+, DS1815+, DS2015xs, DS3615xs,

X14 Series

DS114, DS214se, DS214, DS214+, DS214play, DS414, DS414slim, DS414j, RS214, RS2414(RP)+

X13 Series

DS213air, DS213j, DS213, DS213+, DS413j, DS413, DS1513+, DS1813+, DS713+, DS2413+

X12 Series

DS112+, DS112j, DS112, DS212j, DS212, DS212+, DS412+, DS712+, DS1512+, DS1812+, DS3612xs, RS212, RS812, RS812+/RS812RP+, RS2212+/RS2212RP+, RS3412xs, RS3412RPxs

And we have also recovered data from many other Synology Systems that are not listed above. If you need your data recovering from any failed NAS System Please call us for details and a firm, fixed price competitive recovery price on 0800 072 3282. We are also happy to offer second opinions as we have seen many systems that were deemed unrecoverable by other companies that did not have a complete grasp of how the underlying file system and volume management systems works.


"The response from MjM was outstanding a top quality firm."
Gareth Pritchard, HP