NAS Recovery

Recovery from all makes of NAS systems and storage equipment, from small home user and home office systems to top-end multibay NAS server systems used for by business for all sorts of storage uses. E.g. VM Lun storage, Phone system logs, database storage and backup systems. We can rebuild any level of RAID of the NAS system including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 4, RAID 5, RAID 6 and the hybrid levels of Raid 10, RAID 50, , RAID 51, etc and from proprietary RAID such as Drobo and Netgear XRaid, ZFS, etc.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)
consists of an externally powered box containing one or more hard drives. They are managed using an embedded operating system which is usually Linux but there are also some proprietary systems, such as Netgear (ZFS) and SNAP's Guardian OS, . NAS devices are normally connected directly to the network through a standard network cable and are configured using a web or other interface.


Recovering data from NAS devices requires an understanding of the file system structures and hardware or software raid layout. The operating system of choice for most NAS boxes is Linux as it offers a good network operating system and reliable file systems including EXT3, EXT4, BTRFS, and XFS. Most of all, the Linux operating systems are very cheap to implement compared to other server software, very often free, bringing the overall cost of the units right down and making them available to everyone that needs one. Many of the NAS systems use a modified version of Linux,

RAID levels vary from between manufacturers, some use proprietary RAID based systems such as Infrant's X-RAID (Infrant are now owned by Netgear).

NAS equipment is used mainly as a central network storage area where shares can be set up so that different users or departments can access the data they need. Many modern NAS boxes also contain built-in web servers and FTP servers and so can be used as stand-alone systems for web or file access separated from the main network helping security. They are generally used for shared file storage and for storage of Virtual Machines, etc. The problem with storing all of the data on one place means that if that system fails, the access to all of the data on the NAS is lost until it is either restored from a backup, or is recovered using data recovery services. We offer a comprehensive data recovery service where we only require the disks from the device, once we have cloned the drive we are able to mount the individual drives and rebuild the NAS as virtual device and extract the data directly from the data partitions. We copy this to new media e.g. External hard disk - for security purposes, return media can be encrypted to avoid potential security breaches.