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Drobo Data Recovery

Drobo Data Recovery
These are not strictly 'NAS' systems as only some models allow network access they would probably fit into the 'External Hard Disk' category better as they normally connect through USB or Firewire. Some of the newer and larger models can connect through the network.

Data recovery from Drobo systems is a highly skilled job. The Drobo file system is proprietary and completely different to other file and RAID systems. The meta data describes the information about the block it represents and through examination of these blocks the data be recovered.

We are able to recover data from most types of failure from Drobo system, but please contact us on 0800 072 3282 about your Drobo.

Drobo systems use Beyond Raid technology, which was for a long time jokingly re-named 'Beyond Recovery' in the data recovery trade because of the proprietary systems used within the devices and the near impossibility of recovery. Often we have to make repairs to the file system prior to recovery. Because many Data Recovery companies do not research these systems and only use commercially available software many are still unable to recover from these systems. Please contact us on 0800 072 3282 about recovering data from Drobo systems.


"Fast professional service. Good feedback and reporting."
Raj Bhakri, FIAT Group


"Superb customer service from the very first email/phone enquiry to the completion of the data recovery service."
Mr Andrew Lomas, University of Reading