Data Recovery for Netgear SC101 and SC101t

These systems are either a single drive or a two drive - mirrored system. They use the propriety ZFS file system and so can be fairly complex to recover. We are able to recover data directly from the drives.


Netgear SC101


There were many problems with the original versions of the SC101 including hardware problems, such as overheating and file system crashes. These were mainly overcome with the release of the second version the SC101T. A firmware release for the SC101 did help resolve some of the problems with file system crashed but the SC101T still had problems.

The SC101 and SC101t is an entry level NAS system and were one of the first low cost units targeted at home users and small business users. They offered expandable storage with either single disk or mirrored pairs of hard disks, the SC101 supported only IDE drives and the SC101T supports SATA drives.

Recovering data from the SC101 and the SC101T - if you have a problem with your Netgear unit or any other NAS or SAN device then talk to a one of our data recovery engineers on 0800 072 3282.