Recovery of lost data from Synology diskstations and rackstations.

by MjM Data Recovery Ltd

Diskstation and Rackstation Recovery

We are able to recover data from all Synology NAS boxes. Please contact us about recovering the data from your Diskstation or Rackstation. From single drive to multi-bay and Synology expansion units. No recovery no fee service.

Service Levels

We offer different service
levels to suit all budgets.

Free Diagnosis

No charge for diagnosis
no recovery no fee service.

Return Media

All prices include return
on USB3 hard drives.

Supported RAID Levels


2 or more drives concatenated.


2 or more drives containing the same data.


Three or more drives using data striping with rotating parity.


For or more drives using data striping with dual rotating parity.


Four or more drives with RAID 0 mirrored to second set.

Synology SHR

Synology Hybrid RAID level.

Our services

All our quotes include ...

Free diagnosis

diagnosis takes between 4 to 24 hours.

File listing

We send you a file list showing your data so you can determine exactly what has been recovered before committing to the recovery.

Return media

Once your data is recovered, it is copied to media large enough to hold the data.

Delivery of recovered data

For UK customers the price includes return using next working day courier.

Synology diskstations and rackstations.

There are many different versions synology disk stations, they have changed considerably over the years, the technology has advanced that even the single drive NAS are very powerful and have so many features, including email server, webserver, advanced backup systems, Virtualisation, iSCSI, etc. They are some of the most advanced NAS equipment available.

We are able to recover data from failed synology nas stations including those in the list below. Synology use the same or similar file systems in all their nas equipment, so if your NAS box is not in the list below, the chances are very high that we can work with it. If you have any doubts, call us on 0800 072 3282

  • 1 Bay

    DS118 DS116 DS115j DS115 DS114 DS112+ DS112j DS112 DS111 DS110+ DS110j DS109+ DS109j DS109 DS108j DS107+ DS107e DS107 DS-106j DS-106e DS-106 DS-101g+ DS-101j DS-101

  • 2 Bay

    RS217 RS214 RS212 DS718+ DS716+II DS716+ DS715 DS713+ DS712+ DS710+ DS218+ DS218play DS218j DS218 DS216+II DS216+ DS216play DS216se DS216j DS216 DS215+ DS215j DS214+ DS214play DS214se DS214 DS213+ DS213j DS213air DS213 DS212+ DS212j DS212 DS211+ DS211j DS211 DS210+ DS210j DS209+II DS209+ DS209j DS209 DS207+ DS207

  • 4 Bay

    RS818+ RS818RP+ RS816 RS815+ RS815RP+ RS815 RS814+ RS814RP+ RS814 RS812+ RS812RP+ RS812 RS810+ RS810RP+ RS411 RS409+ RS409RP+ RS409 RS408RP RS408 RS407 RS-406 DS918+ DS916+ DS418play DS418j DS418 DS416play DS416slim DS416j DS416 DS415+ DS415play DS414slim DS414j DS414 DS413j DS413 DS412+ DS411+II DS411+ DS411slim DS411j DS411 DS410j DS410 DS409+ DS409slim DS409 DS408 CS407e CS407 CS-406e CS-406

  • 5 Bay

    DS1517+ DS1517 DS1515+ DS1515 DS1513+ DS1512+ DS1511+ DS1010+ DS509+ DS508

  • 6 Bay


  • 8 Bay

    DS2015xs DS1817+ DS1817 DS1815+ DS1813+ DS1812+

  • 10 Bay

    RS10613xs+ RS3413xs+ RS3412xs RS3412RPxs RS3411xs RS3411RPxs RS2212+ RS2212RP+ RS2211+ RS2211RP+

  • 16 Bay

    RX2417sas RX1217sas RX1217RP RX1217 RX1216sas RXD1215sas RX1214RP RX1214 RX1213sas RX1211RP RX1211 RX418 RX415 RX410 RX4 DX1215 DX1211 DX517 DX513 DX510 DX5 DX213

  • Expansion units

    RX2417sas RX1217sas RX1217RP RX1217 RX1216sas RXD1215sas RX1214RP RX1214 RX1213sas RX1211RP RX1211 RX418 RX415 RX410 RX4 DX1215 DX1211 DX517 DX513 DX510 DX5 DX213

    Note that we need the entire NAS and any expansion units for recovery.

  • Embedded Data Station



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