Western Digital NAS Recovery

Western Digital NAS Recovery 

Recovering data from Western Digital NAS systems. We are able to recover data from all WD NAS systems including those listed below.


WD Cloudstation
WD Cloudstation Mirror
WD MyCloud EXT2
WD MyCloud EXT4


Because all NAS devices contain one or more hard disk, they suffer the same problems as all other hard disks. Such as, failed electronics, head and motor problems, bad sectors on critical areas - the final result is the same and the data is no longer accessible. We are able to recover from the vast majority of failed drives, and quickly. We have our own clean-room in-house so all data recovery work is done on our secure premises this means you get your data quicker. We can also encrypt the return media too ensuring that no prying eyes are looking at your data.

For Western Digital MyCloud data recovery please contact us on 0800 072 3282



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