Netgear ReadyNAS Recovery

from all types of Netgear ReadyNAS system. Single or multi drive systems including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6 and Netgear's proprietary X-RAID/Flex-RAID technologies.

Netgear NAS Recovery


With earlier versions of Netgear ReadyNAS there were problems found in the power supply. They often failed resulting with a blown motherboard. Sometimes swapping the drives into a new case would let you carry on where you left off. But in some cases the devices needed to have the same firmware revision as the failed unit. We recover NAS by removing the drives and taking clones of them, then rebuilding the raid 'outside of the box' in software designed to rebuild the array virtually. From this virtual system we are then able to extract the data onto new media.

The process is the same for all NAS and RAID systems and we have the software mainly developed in-house for calculating drive order, parity rotation and block size extremely quickly, even when the drives are not in the correct order or where there are failed drives in the system. We will not need the NAS unit nor any RAID controller as we have a comprehensive understanding of how the hardware functions.

We are able to recover from all Netgear NAS Systems including...

ReadyNAS 1100, ReadyNAS 1500, ReadyNAS 2100, ReadyNAS 2120, ReadyNAS 3100, ReadyNAS 3200, ReadyNAS 3220, ReadyNAS 4200, ReadyNAS 4220, ReadyNAS 500, ReadyNAS 716X, ReadyNAS Ultra 2, ReadyNAS Ultra 2 Plus, ReadyNAS Ultra 4, ReadyNAS Ultra 4 Plus, ReadyNAS Ultra 6, ReadyNAS Ultra 6 Plus, RN10200, RN10211D, RN10221D, RN10222D, RN10223D, RN10400, RN10421D, RN10441D, RN10442D, RN10443D, RN12G0620, RN12G1220, RN12P0610, RN12P0620, RN12P1210, RN12P1220, RN12T1210, RN12T1220, RN12T1230, RN31200, RN31211D, RN31212D, RN31221D, RN31222D, RN31223D, RN31400, RN31421D, RN31441D, RN31441E, RN31442D, RN31442E, RN31443D, RN31443E, RN316, RND2000, RND2000v2, RND2110, RND2110v2, RND2120, RND2150, RND2175, RND2210, RND2210v2, RND2220, RND4000, RND4000v2, RND4210, RND4210v2, RND4250, RND4275, RND42751G, RND4410, RND4410v2, RND4425, RND4450, RND4475, RND44751G, RNDP200U, RNDP2210, RNDP2210D, RNDP2220, RNDP2220D, RNDP2230D, RNDP400U, RNDP4410, RNDP4410D, RNDP4420, RNDP4420D, RNDP4430D, RNDP600E, RNDP600U, RNDP6610, RNDP6610Dv2, RNDP6620, RNDP6620Dv2, RNDP6630Dv2, RNDU2000, RNDU2120, RNDU2220, RNDU4000, RNDU4220, RNDU6000, RNDU6320, RNDX400E, RNDX4210, RNDX4250, RNDX4410, RNDX4420, RNR4000, RNR4410, RNR4425, RNR4450, RNR4475, RNRP4410, RNRP4420, RNRX400, RNRX4410, RNRX4410D, RNRX4420, RNRX4420D, RNRX4430, RNRX4430D, RNRX4450.

the list is not comprehensive, so if your ReadyNAS is not shown above, it does not mean it is not recoverable, in fact there is an excellent chance that we will be able to recover the data from it. We have developed in-house recovery tools specifically for Netgear NAS systems and XRaid systems. Please call us on 0800 072 3282