Raid 1 recovery

Data recovery from Raid 1 systems. From all makes of server and raid 1 controllers. From NAS systems and SAN or DAS and other external single and multi-drive drive systems that are utilising Raid 1.
Raid 1 systems usually consist of two drives. The second drive is an identical copy of the first drive this allows for redundancy - if one drive fails then the system will continue to work with the remaining drive but in what is known as 'degraded' mode. Above is a diagram of a pair of Raid 1 drives. When Raid 1 failures happen, it is important to identify which drive had failed first. Often they will run after a failure, If a failure is not noticed or not acted on and one drive failed before the other there will be a lag in the copies of the data.

RAID 1 is best suited for critical systems that must have zero or very little downtime. For example, an eCommerce - web server, if this were to fail then your business would start losing money the moment it failed. With RAID 1 in place the server would keep running after a single drive failure and a spare drive could be inserted and rebuilt automatically without any downtime.

The drawbacks of RAID 1 are that writes to the drives are take longer as for each change there are two writes and two verifies, however reads are similar to that of RAID 0 where a controller can be set to read ahead. This means that when data is read, the blocks are read as if it were a RAID 0.

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