Fujitsu Server Data Recovery

Fujitsu servers are cost effective powerful systems used by small and large businesses throughout the world. As with any server a hardware failure such as a RAID controller or a hard disk can spell disaster for a company.


Fujitsu Server Data Recovery

This is where MjM Data Recovery can help. Data recovery from raid servers including..

  • Fujitsu Primergy Recovery
  • Fujitsu Primquest Recovery
  • Fujitsu BS2000 Recovery
  • Fujitsu SPARC UNIX Recovery

Please phone us to talk to a data recovery engineer and get a quote for data recovery from Fujitsu Servers.



"Extremely professional and friendly service. The agreement that we have in place, where we are only charged if data is restored from hard drives, highlights to me the customer centric mindset of this organisation."
Debbie Jacobs, AstraZeneca UK