Data recovery from Raid 6

Data recovery from all versions of RAID 6 and from all makes of server or raid controller. There are also several versions of RAID 6 the most common being PQ and there are several variants for each hybrid type so understanding the version of raid 6 you are using is vital to ensure the best data recovery possible from a failed raid 6 system.

RAID 6 is now in common use as large hard disks are becoming more common in servers cheap storage means that RAID 6 is available to small and medium sized businesses.

Working on RAID 6 involves skilled engineers as they will need to work our drive order, rotation direction and block size. Our engineers have developed the software we use. We can search and apply variable parameters in order to get the best recovery. In most cases our software will calculate this automatically in a matter of minutes even on multiple drive systems. When there is severe corruption then our skilled engineers will take over and set about working with the failed raid 6.

RAID 6 requires a minimum of 4 drives, for each stripe one will contain parity p and another parity q parity p. RAID 6 parity is calculated differently to that of RAID 5 as it now has another drive to take into account. Parity p is usually calculated using xor as in RAID 5, however Parity q using a much more complex algorithm using Galois Fields. Considering that two drives can fail it has to be calculated so that the missing drives can be rebuilt with the data from the remaining good drives.

We are able to recover from

  • HP/Compaq
  • Adaptec
  • Areca
  • Dell
  • VM-Ware
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MAC OS

The advantages of RAID 6 are that two drives can fail in a system before it stops working. Rebuilds can be done on live machines and with hot spares in a system it will hardly be noticed that anything untoward has happened - unless of course 3 or more drives fail in which case you have downtime and will probably require expert help.To talk directly with a data recovery engineer please phone: 0800 072 3282