Volume Set Data Recovery

Volume Set Data Recovery from all operating systems including those made with Windows Disk Manager, Linux and UNIX Logical Volume Management (LVM) and all other operating system that support volume sets.

Volume sets can be built from entire drives or individual partitions or volumes that are then concatenated to each resulting with single storage partition or volume of the entire size of the concatenated storage.

They can become very complex as it is possible to have two or more volume sets again concatenated together to make up a single partition.

If you are using Windows Disk Manager or Linux LVM it is also possible to set up as RAID - this is usually called a 'software RAID'

We are able to recover data from damaged volume sets and can rebuild them in order to extract the data. In some cases it can be a daunting task especially if some of the configuration area is damaged or missing. It is possible using proprietary techniques that we have developed.

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