Data recovery

Hard drives, RAID servers, NAS and all other computer storage devices.

Free diagnosis and a no recovery no fee policy.

Hard drives
Laptop, desktop and external hard disks and SSD drives.
Server systems
RAID systems, including all RAID levels. HP Dell IBM Fujitsu etc.
Other devices
Memory cards, Mobile phones, Tape, Tablet computers, DVD, etc.

Reasons Why Computer Storage Media Fails

When computer storage devices fail, there are a number of reasons what has caused the failure. There are two main types of failure, each with several sub types of failure. The two main problems are.

  • Logical problems or Software Problems
    These problems are associated with data itself, for example deleted file.

  • Physical problems or Hardware Problems
    These problems are associated with the physical storage device, e.g. the hard disk or memory card is not recognized, or is running very slow.