Seagate drives with locked firmware

Some years ago there was a problem with the Seagate 7200.11 range of drives. The problem was so big that thousands of users ended up with bad drives. Someone developed and made freely available a Firmware (FW) fix that could repair most of the problems with the drive but it needed some hardware (a cheap TTL Adapter) in order to access the FW and they provided the factory codes in order to send the commands to the drive to fix the problem. This worked fine on drives that had the problems for the codes, but on other drives the codes would do more harm than good.

On some of the more recent models from Seagate, access to the FW is now restricted or completely blocked with the drive returning messages in the terminal 'Command not recognized', 'Terminal Access Blocked' or in some cases, the command gives no feedback and is not executed.

We now have a solution to Seagate drives with Firmware problem that have locked or restricted terminal access we can recover data from all Seagate Grenada including SES drives with blocked terminal and Seagate Lombard with restricted terminal.

We offer the service directly to customers and for other data recovery companies. Please contact us for prices.The service can not be done remotely due to the methods used to access the system area of the drive.