Seagate hard drive Recovery

We are able to recover data from all Seagate hard disk drives, including the latest super slim Laptop drive models and the new 3.5 Iron Wolf series of drives. Specialist recovery including Head failure, firmware failure and electronic failure and standard recovery for deleted files, formatted and virus attack.

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Seagate hard drive data recovery from laptop computers, portable and external hard disks. We can recover data from drives suffering with firmware problems from the entire range of Seagate hard disks including the latest series of ultra slim drives. We can also recover from the SSHD Hybrid drives, these are a hard disk with an 8 GB SSD chip built into the electronics of the drive. We have seen problems with the SSD part of the drive on some drives and can circumvent the problem areas usually resulting with 100% recovery.

The newer series of laptop drives have unique firmware problems. Firstly instead of 512 byte per sector firmware zones, these are 4096 sectors. Currently, there are no known commercial solutions for repairing firmware on these drives. Seagate have responded to seeing their proprietary code posted all over the internet by locked firmware.

This has kept most users out of the firmware zone, unfortunately this includes most data recovery companies too. However, at MjM we can have a workaround and can access the firmware on modern Seagate drive with locked firmware. We are now offering this service to other data recovery companies.