Seagate Slim Head Combs

When Rosewood drives with failed heads first started appearing for data recovery, we found out very quickly that safe removal and replacement of the heads was going to be a very difficult procedure.

Because there is no room to use a standard head comb, and no tools were commercially available, we spoke with Specialist Engineer Nikola Radovanovic at HDD Surgery in Serbia. His company has been making state-of-the-art head combs for years, and we asked him if there were any plans on making a comb for these drives. He told us that he was already on the case, and a few weeks later we took delivery of the Seagate Slimline Head Combs.

Because of the limited space to work in, the methodology behind these head combs is considerably different to other types of combs. With these drives, the ramp has to be removed in order to take out the heads.

To achieve this, the comb is attached to the head gimbal assemble and the comb then slides through the head springs, lifting them enough so that they can be moved over the platter without damaging either the heads or the platters.

At this stage, the ramp can be removed, and the heads can be positioned back into the park position and removed normally. Replacement heads are then put in and reassembled by reversing the above procedure.

As is usual with HDD Surgery Tools, we have found this addition a great help in making head stack replacements on Seagate Slimline drives. What was once a very difficult and intricate task has now been greatly simplified.

Below is a short promotional video made by HDD surgery showing a part of the process.

Please note that the above video is for promotional purposes only and to show the functionality of the tool. It is not meant as an instructional video and does not use standard clean room procedures.

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