Seagate SSHD Recovery.

Data recovery Seagate SSHD Hard Drives

Data recovery from the slimline Seagate SSHD/Hybrid drives. When these drives fail because of a problem within the SSD firmware, the drive may show one (or more) of the following symptoms.

  • Drive no longer spins.
  • Drive spins but is not recognised
  • Drive spins and is recognised, but data can not be read.

These can be issues within the Firmware of the SSD section of the drive. One of the problems data recovery companies have to deal with is finding access into these areas. Most will wait until a solution becomes commercially available, however MjM Data Recovery along with other members of the Global Data Recovery Alliance get to work on these problems as soon as a member becomes aware.

One problem was found to lie within the firmware code which was analysed by our GDRA reverse engineering expert in Hungary. When the SSD is in error, usually the drive hangs (or showing as BSY in status register) but without the motor spinning.

By making modifications to the hard disk RAM or ROM directly on the drive we can circumvent the problem and get the drive into a state where it can either be read normally or where firmware errors within the main hard disk or the SSD-side can be tested and repaired.

9mm SSHD

  • ST1000LM014
  • ST1000LM015
  • ST1000LM028

7mm SSHD

  • ST500LM000
  • ST500LM001
  • ST500LM020

5mm SSHD

  • ST500LX012
  • ST500LX013
  • ST500LX014
  • ST500LX016