SSD data recovery

Data recovery from all manufacturers of SSD drives. For PC, MAC, Linux and SSDs used in server systems.  We offer a price guarantee and a no-recovery no-fee policy.

MjM Data Recovery Limited were one of the first data recovery companies in the world that are able to recover from solid State hard disks. Our research into data recovery from SSD devices started in 2004. Solid State Disks have no moving parts, no motor, no heads, nothing. Just memory chips.

The technology is similar to other computer memory sticks and the SSD manufacturers use a methodology known as Wear Levelling. In order to prolong the life of the memory chips, each chip is divided into blocks. Each block is of a specific size and so each time a file is updated, the blocks containing the file are written to a different location 'levelling' the wear so that each bank is used the same number of times. The block order is stored either in extra bytes at the end of each sector or block, or stored in a table showing the order of blocks. For the data recovery engineer this information is vital in rebuilding the original data structures.

Data Recovery from SSD manufacturers including ..

* Some use self-encrypting drive (SED) systems.
** 1200 processor based SSD are self encrypting.

ON SSDs where chip extraction is necessary, if hardware encryption is used, it is very difficult to determine the block size and block ordering order and without the key it is impossible to decrypt this renders a data recovery from this type of SSD as an virtual impossibility. This is where our advanced data recovery services can help we have even recovered data from these devices.

News: For most cases of SSD we do not need to remove the NAND devices as our engineers have developed techniques to repair damaged drives. Because many SSD have underlying encryption on the NAND this usually means that SSDs are not recoverable. However with this new technique we are able to recover around 80 percent of encrypted SSD drives without removing the NAND chips.

  • Formay
  • Corsair *
  • Fusion IO
  • G.Skill *
  • Hagiwara
  • Indilynx
  • InfoMicro
  • Intel
  • JMicron
  • OCZ
  • Runcor
  • Samsung
  • Sandforce**
  • SanDisk**
  • Seagate
  • STec
  • SuperTalent
  • Texas
  • Throtle
  • Toshiba
  • Western Digital Silicon Drive