Terms and Conditions

For business to business customers

  1. MJM DATA RECOVERY LTD - Data Recovery Services
    MJM Data Recovery Limited will use reasonable commercial efforts to determine the existence and extent of recoverability of data on your media (Diagnosis) and retrieve and/or provide access to your recoverable data (Data Recovery).
  2. Diagnosis Fee
    you will not be charged a Diagnosis Fee (unless agreed before work commences).
  3. Prices and Quotations
    All prices are fixed and include spare parts where required, labour and return media. Prices do NOT include VAT. Unless otherwise agreed by you and MJM DATA RECOVERY LIMITED, media that are deemed as unrecoverable by us are charged return courier shipping costs only.

    Quote values may change if the information given to us at the time of the quote is in error or there are requested changes that incur a cost. Such as,

    a) We quoted you for media of a different storage capacity to that received. e.g. we quoted for a 1 TB Hard Disk that is found to be a 2 TB drive, etc.
    b) the fault with the media is not as described on the submission form or by telephone, e.g. a hard disk has a mechanical failure, when we were told it was non-mechanical.
    c) special requirements that are made after a job is received, only where a charge is normally made for the specific requirement,
    d) there are more (or less) drives in a RAID based system - cost will be adjusted accordingly,
    e) a service level change is requested to a quicker service than originally requested.
  4. Spare Parts Costs
    Spare parts on drives less than 4 TB are usually included within the quote so, generally, we do not charge for parts except when the following conditions apply.

    a) If a hard disk drive has been previously opened. *
    b) when the spares costs are excessive compared to similar drive spares costs. **
    c) when the media has been involved in an accident or a flood, fire or any other disaster. Always check your insurance for accidental damage claims.

    *If the drive has been opened outside a clean air environment, it takes considerable time to clean dust and debris from the platters and internals of the drive. See our opened drive policy for more details

    ** The cost of spares parts for hard drives are usually stable, so we are able to give you a quote based on these rates. However, sometimes a drive may be considerably more expensive than expected, mainly because of its rarity value. This is more common with Western Digital™ External hard drives and older drives, where spares can be double or treble the average.
  5. Diagnosis Charges
    Diagnosis charges apply according to the following.

    For cases that involve a single media or RAID systems with 4 drives or fewer.

    There is usually no diagnosis charge for these recoveries, however, in some complex cases, extensive diagnosis will involve a charge;

    a) where attempted repairs to the media or file system have exacerbated the problem;
    b) where files on an SSD drive have been deleted, or it has been formatted;*
    c) when files are reporting a zero file size;
    d) when complex RAID parameters need analysis;

    * Many modern SSD drives have a built-in function (TRIM)  that erases the areas used by deleted files, and formatted volumes. This results with unrecoverable data. We can attempt a recovery on these, but failure to retrieve data will invoke a diagnosis charge. The amount of the charge will be in your formal quote.

    For cases that involve multiple media - e.g., RAID Systems
    For RAID systems with more than 4 drives, and 'Imaging' charge is made on a per-drive basis, this is to cover the costs and time for the process to complete. For RAID systems with 4 drives or fewer, our single media clause applies.

  6. Shipping Costs
    You agree to be responsible for all media, shipping and handling charges and the risk of loss during shipping. Any equipment or media sent for processing by MJM Data Recovery Ltd must be collected, or return shipping paid for, within 3 months (or a previously agreed timescale) from the closure of the job. Any equipment or media that remains longer than the agreed time will have recyclable parts removed, and the storage media will be destroyed.

  7. Authorisation to carry out recovery of data.
    No services are performed, and no charges are incurred without your consent, and you agree to pay all authorised charges. You understand that all data recovery shipments will be sent to MJM DATA RECOVERY LTD, Ickleford Manor, Turnpike Lane, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. SG5 3XD, United Kingdom. United Kingdom. This can be in the format of a signed submission form accompanying the media for recovery, an email agreeing to these terms. During national emergencies, the delivery address may be different, you will be advised if there are any alterations to the delivery address upon receipt of the
  8. Ownership of Media
    you represent to MJM DATA RECOVERY LTD that you are in lawful possession of any data, media and all other equipment made available to MJM DATA RECOVERY LTD, and that you have a lawful purpose to request MJM DATA RECOVERY LTD's services.

  9. Liabilities and Warranties
    You understand that the media/data/equipment you are making available to MJM DATA RECOVERY LTD is already damaged, that data recovery efforts can result in further damage, that your media and/or equipment warranties may become void and that MJM DATA RECOVERY LTD is not responsible for this or any other type of damage.

  10. Payments
    unless other agreements are in place, payment must be made before the release of any data for shipment.

  11. Data Retention
    MJM DATA RECOVERY LTD will retain a copy of your recovered data for a period of two weeks. During this period, MJM will be able to answer queries about the recovered data and provide copies.

  12. Warranties and Guarantees
    You understand that MJM DATA RECOVERY LTD does not offer any guarantees or warranties of any kind and that the extent of any MJM DATA RECOVERY LTD's liability to you is strictly limited to the fees you pay MJM DATA RECOVERY LTD for its services in data recovery. This does not affect your statutory rights.

  13. Consent
    Any consent required of either party will be effective if provided in a commercially reasonable manner, which includes without limitation
    a) A Data recovery media submission form (sent with quotations or available on request);
    b) facsimile (fax);
    c) by email;
    d) by sending a drive to us for data recovery purposes.
    e) by telephone, followed up by written confirmation as a), b), or c) above, at the earliest possible opportunity;
  14. Litigation
    Unless otherwise agreed, you represent to MJM DATA RECOVERY LTD that this media/data is NOT involved, or potentially involved, in litigation.

  15. Cancellation Fee
    Once work has commenced on your media, and you decide not to go ahead with the recovery, a cancellation fee is applicable. The minimum charge will be between 15 percent, and a maximum of 50 percent of the accepted quote value plus return shipping and plus VAT dependent upon the stage of recovery at the point of cancellation.

The cancellation fee does not apply if MJM DATA RECOVERY LTD are unable to proceed with the recovery for reasons beyond the customer's control, for example; you decide to cancel because spares are unavailable to complete the recovery (in this example MJM DATA RECOVERY LIMITED's 'unrecoverable' status would apply).

  1. Disputes
    In the unlikely event a dispute arises that cannot be settled informally, both you and MJM DATA RECOVERY LTD agrees that such dispute will be resolved according to the laws of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  2. Data Protection Act:
    MJM DATA RECOVERY LTD is registered under the Data Protection Act and will keep all data retrieved from your media confidential. We offer an encryption service to minimise the risk of data access whilst the data is in transit via courier from our premises to the destination address. It is your responsibility to determine if the data requires encryption and/or is covered under the data protection act. All work is carried out on the premises of MJM Data Recovery Ltd by its employees and agents employed by MJM Data Recovery Ltd.
  3. Addresses
    a) The address for our main labs and workshops is; MJM DATA RECOVERY LTD, Ickleford Manor, Turnpike Lane, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. SG5 3XD, United Kingdom.
    b) Our registered address is; MJM Data Recovery Ltd, C/O George Hay Accountants Ltd, Unit 1b Focus 4, Fourth Avenue, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, SG6 2TU

All media for data recovery and all other correspondence should be sent to address a) above.
Taxation information and other accounting and administrative information should be sent to address b) above