Toshiba hybrid hard disk recovery.

MjM Data Recovery Ltd are able to recover data from the Toshiba Hybrid laptop hard disk drives.These are mainly platter based hard disks, but with a small SSD built-in to the controller board to help speed up disk read/write operations.

When problems occur the symptoms are that the drive will show as normal in the computer BIOS, but the data is inaccessible. Any attempts to read the drive result with ERROR_ABORT in the status registers of the drive.

We bought some failed drives from hard disk brokers failed stocks and ran some tests to determine what was wrong with each drive, we selected those that showed SSD-side problems, and started making comparisons with known working drives and finally came up with working solutions for the failed drives - depending on the fault, in each case resulting with full access to all the data area on the drive.

We have been recovering these ever since for end-user customers, data recovery companies and computer repair trade clients.

We can recover from all models from the MQ01 and MQ02 series of drives including:

  • MQ01ABF050H - 500 GB
  • MQ02ABF050H - 500 GB
  • MQ01ABD075H - 750 GB
  • MQ01ABD100H - 1 TB
  • MQ02ABD100H - 1TB

We can also provide a recovery service for other data recovery companies on Toshiba Hybrid, Seagate SSHD, and all other drives. Please contact us for details.

Notes for other data recovery companies:
Problem codes can be seen in Terminal as;