Virtual machine recovery

Data recovery from all virtualisation platforms including VMWare, Sphere, HyperV, Parallels, Hypervisor  and many others. Virtual hard disks recovered from failed RAID, NAS and SAN systems where the LUNS are stored.

Data recovery from VM based systems is possible by accessing the data directly from the container file or extracting the container so it can be rebuilt in another machine. We are able to recover data from most VM based systems including.

  • VM-Ware
  • HyperV VHD and VHDX
  • XEN
  • Parallels
  • Virtual Box
  • Virtual PC
  • KVM

We can recover from almost all other VM software running the following operating or file systems.

  • Windows and Windows Server
  • Linux
  • UNIX
  • MAC

Our services are guaranteed and if it is not possible to recover the critical data that you need, there is no charge.

A virtual machine or VM is where you have an operating system stored on a file-system within a separate operating system. For example, you may have a Windows server computer that runs your business accounts software and at the same time a Linux email server, a UNIX Web-server for your website and e-commerce and a separate Windows file server.

A VM could be installed on the same computer to run one or more processes. For example, you may need a Linux machine to run your Web-server so you could install a Linux distribution on the machine that Runs Linux for your e commerce website in parallel with the Windows server and perhaps a third machine running exchange server for EMail. This is called 'virtualisation' so you now have three (or more) computer systems running at the same time on the same server.

Why use VM ? It can be more economical, efficient and everything is in one place. It can make backups simpler and quicker as everything is on the same computer making business computer cheaper and streamlined.

The drawbacks are that when a VM server machine fails, then you have lost more than one function of your business, in the example case above example, your web server, database system and email server are all down at the same time. So you need to get back up and running as quickly as possible. Recovering data from a virtual machine is a complex issue and requires expert intervention. Contact us on 0800 072 3282 for VM data recovery.

We are also able to Recovery of deleted VMDK files from VMWare systems.