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Data recovery from virtual machines

VM Data recovery from all virtualisation platforms including VMWare, Sphere, HyperV, Parallels, Hypervisor and many others. Virtual hard disks recovered from failed RAID, NAS and SAN systems. We can also extract data directly from corrupt, deleted and missing VMs.

Our services are guaranteed and if it is not possible to recover the critical data that you need, there is no charge.

Recovering data from a virtual machine can a complex issue and requires expert intervention. Contact us on 0800 072 3282 for VM data recovery.

We can also recover deleted VMs from VMWare, Windows and other VM platforms.

What is a VM

By creating a VM, or virtual machine, it is possible to run multiple OSes simultaneously.

It is possible to deploy a VM and use it to power any or all of the activities you want to carry out. You might, for instance, need a Linux machine for e-commerce and website, in addition to a Windows file server and a third machine running an Exchange server for email to keep your Web server and e-commerce site up and running. The term “virtualization” is used to describe this process. You now have three (or more) computer systems running at the same time on the same server.
So, why do we need virtualization? It has the potential to be more practical, economical, can improve productivity, and all centrally based. Because everything is stored on the same machine. Backups are all made on one machine, and computer storage is simplified and reduced in cost.

In the event of a virtual machine server machine failure, you could potentially lose more than one business function. In the aforementioned scenario, you would lose access to your website, databases, and email all at once. Therefore, it is imperative that you restore system functionality as soon as possible.

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