Virtual Machine Quotes

This form is for data recovery quotations for virtual machines, such as those using VMWare, ESXi, VMFS, Hyper-V, Parallels, etc.

Please fill in as much information in the form as possible. If you are not sure what to enter, either call us on 0800 072 3282 or enter your phone number in the form and we will contact you.

For definitions of System types we use the following.

1. Server : Stand-alone server with hard disks inside the system
2. NAS : Network attached storage - e.g. Qnap, Synology, etc, connected via Network Cable
3. DAS : Hard disk enclosure attached directly to the server through e.g. SCSI, eSATA, SAS.
4. SAN : One or more hard disk enclosures that are connected via a network e.g. iSCSI, Fibre Channel, etc.

If you are not sure what system you have, then phone us on 0800 072 3282 where one of our RAID engineers will be able to guide you.

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