Volume set data recovery

Whilst a volume set is nothing exceptional to write about, in this instance the job had been to another data recovery company and they pronounced it as unrecoverable. The customer had thought that the failed drive contained a single data partition. However, soon after analysing the file system meta-data, we discovered that the drive was the second drive from a two drive volume set. We phoned the customer, and they confirmed there was in fact another disk installed in the server, but they thought that only had the boot partition and the data was stored on the failed drive sent for recovery.

Once we had repaired the failed disk and analysed the layouts we were able to completely rebuild the data structures that resulted with another happy customer.

What is concerning is that the first company it had been to has written the job off as unrecoverable, when a simple check that is carried out as standard practice by MjM could have confirmed what they were looking at. This is where MjM Data Recovery's experience in working with RAID and Volume sets shows how important an understanding of file system components are. How many other companies have been told the same thing by inexperienced companies and written off the job?

If the customer had taken the previous data recovery company's advice, then they would have been a situation without their data and taking on the cost to manually re-enter the missing data.