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Data recovery Software

Is data recovery software safe?

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Does data recovery software work?

Data recovery software can be a good way to get back your lost files, but there are cases when it simply won’t work. There are many reasons why the software might not be able to recover your information.

Firstly, if the data has been erased or messed up so badly that it can’t be fixed, the software may have a hard time getting the original information back.

Another important factor is that if the storage device has internal damage. For example,

The software might not be able to access the data because the hardware won’t let it.

If the media has bad blocks, that too will affect the results and may cause more harm than good. This is where data recovery software causes the most damage and is definitely not recommended for slow drives, or hang the computer.

Furthermore, if the data was encrypted or protected by strong security measures, the recovery software might not be able to access or get around these security measures.

Before depending solely on data recovery software, you need to think about these limitations and figure out how bad the data loss is.

Data recovery software

Never attempt software recovery when …

A Hard drive is slow

Hard drives that are slow to respond when accessing your files are beyond the capabilities of standard data recovery software

Files deleted from an SSD

SSDs and some modern hard drives use a function named trim. This function erases the system information that points to the file.

Clicking or Ticking Drive

If your hard drive is making unusual noises, like ticking or scraping noises, then turn off the computer and contact us.

RAID Systems

Recovering lost data from RAID servers is a specialist job and requires professional attention in order to recover.

When can I use data recovery software?

If you decide to use data recovery software to attempt a recovery, please use the following guidelines.

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