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Toshiba data recovery

Data recovery services for all Toshiba hard drives, hybrid, and SSD drives

Toshiba® hard drives

Toshiba has been manufacturing hard drives for decades. First seen in laptop computers in the 1990s. Since then, and with the advent of SSDs replacing hard drives in laptop computers, has moved their 2.5-inch hard drive business to the portable market.

Their 3.5-inch drive business is still active and are mainly seen in desktop computers, their Enterprise drives in servers, and their Canvio’ external drives.

Toshiba laptop drives

Toshiba® SSD

Toshiba concentrates on Laptop SSDs to maintain the market they captured with their fast and quiet laptop hard drives. They also provide enterprise SSDs for servers. They provide SATA, NGFF and NVMe variations of SSDs.

Toshiba SSD

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Toshiba® Hybrid drives

Hybrid drives consist of a standard hard drive with a small SSD located on the main PCB. The SSD drive contains often used files, such as the Master File Table ($MFT)  of a windows volume, etc.

We developed a process for working with these drives when they first appeared on the market. Our engineers reversed engineered the ROM to determine any unlisted commands that are found in the technical manual. We found several such commands, so researched each command and what it did. Then we made a list of the commands and their functions.

Using a bought-in Hybrid drive, we started analysis and found there was one single command that would completely bypass the SSD section, even when the SSD had failed. Another command cleared the SSD content and another that would allow you to view the blocks of memory.

We were the first company able to recover data from these drives, and we got many from other data recovery companies. We passed this information on to all members of the GDRA, so they too could recover data from these drives.

Toshiba hybrid drive

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Data recovery

We recover data from all Toshiba hard drives and SSDs. We have recovered data from all types of fault.

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